speed up 90% for any wordpress website

speed up 90% for any wordpress website
1. complete all the tasks of website? (IF YES, THEN PROCEED)
2. do you take back up of the wp website (IF YES, THEN PROCEED) _ Using ALL IN ONE WP MIGRATION
3. do you take befores after screenshot of gtmetrix and google page speed checker (IF YES, THEN PROCEED)
4/ take backup of .htaccess
** wp rocket: https://mega.nz/#!jOZDBYpI!wO9lSnMAwAarrISrQ7apJczfhKQKTcD8mTo7uwAHbrk
1. autoptimize: https://mega.nz/#!SeBi2IYB!qGha3Q-Ox4PgEKbYj1kXvLhcdWQ8tUslezybU7TUg5Q
2. async-javascript: https://mega.nz/#!KCZihaoK!HQ3vF81AWfwl5ZX-ZoU2PudtqEnObf_zujYqAcYoAVg
Analyze your site’s speed ::: 
Pingdom: https://tools.pingdom.com/
WaterFall Catcher: https://www.webpagetest.org
LightHouse Chrome Extenson: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lighthouse/blipmdconlkpinefehnmjammfjpmpbjk/related?hl=en
Get WP Rocket Licensed Version: WP ROCKET: https://mega.nz/#!jOZDBYpI!wO9lSnMAwAarrISrQ7apJczfhKQKTcD8mTo7uwAHbrk
install the plugin and go to dashbord and see below options:
wp rocket > settings > BASIC > LazyLoad:
>> Tick -> Enable for images 
>> Tick -> Enable for iframes and videos
Mobile cache:
Enable -> caching for mobile devices
Enable -> Separate cache files for mobile devices
Enable -> Enable caching for logged-in WordPress users
SSL cache:
Enable -> Enable caching for pages with https://
Imoji cache: Enable(by default)
Use default emoji of visitor’s browser instead of loading emoji from WordPress.org
>> Disable WordPress Embeds
Cache Lifespan: >>
Cache Lifespan : 10 hours
WP ROCKET > Settings > Static Files
Minify files >>
CSS  (must – see what is the state of the website – if broken – remove tick) becasue this enable may cause – broken sites 
Combine files:
Google Fonts – Enable
CSS – Enable
Remove query strings:
Enable -> Remove query strings from static resources (must – see what is the state of the website – if broken – remove tick)-becasue this enable may cause – broken sites 
Sitemap preloading:
Enable -> Activate sitemap-based cache preloading
Preload bot -> Enable -> Automatic
Clear cache – finally by WP ROCKET 
wp dashoard > at top > wp rocket > clear cache 
Autoptimize – By By Frank Goossens (futtta) – Free Plugin 
– Settings > Autoptimize > HTML, CSS< JS
– Optimize HTML Code – Tick
– Optimize CSS Code – Tick
>> Save Shanges > Save changes and empty cache
– Settings > Autoptimize > extra 
– Google Fonts > 5 no. Combine and load fonts asynchronously with webfont.js
– Remove query strings from static resources -> Tick (MUST SEE SITE STATUS – if broken – romove tick)
– Settings > Autoptimize > images 
– Optimize images -> on the fly and serve them from a CDN. -> TICK
– Image Optimization quality -> Lossy  (MUST SEE SITE STATUS – if broken – choose GLOSSY or LOSS LESS)
– at top > aauto optimize > delete cache
use only when speed is not sufficient 
Async JavaScript – By By Frank Goossens (futtta) – Free Plugin 
– Async JavaScript > Wizard
– enable – async js
– Go https://gtmetrix.com/api/
– Login gtmetrix -> get api and using – user name and api – it will give you a test score.
– Step 4 ->> Proceed -> is your site is ok : YES > Apply Settings
– Async JavaScript > Settings
– TICK – Enable Async JavaScript?  
– TICK – Also enable Async JavaScript for logged in users?  
– TICK – Also enable Async JavaScript on cart/ checkout pages? 
– Tick -> Enable Autoptimize Support: 
– Tick -> jQuery Method: DEFER/ asynnc – which is better ? apply that one 
– Save Changes
just for testing all plugin & themes performance on speed (not necessary)
P3 Plugin Profiler
benefit: take decision – which plugin – should be eleminated for much speed absorption)
– Step 1: click scan > autoscan > view result 
– step – 1/b advance settings > ok 
– Step 2: click -> Run time by plugin > now see – what plugins are shown here and how much speed they are killing .. 
jetpopup – 1.02 ms
elementor extra – 2.03 ms
real time find and replace – 3.02 ms
all in one wp migration – 2.08 ms
– step 3: the shown plugins are taking much much speed (may be those are very god plugins – but you can’t configure them well, so they are taking huge speed.
– decision-01: think – what service is done by the plugins (think an alternative plugin – to do the job) / then delete the plugin 
– decision-02: try re-configure(delete the plugins and install & configure again) – and test again… 

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