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Minhazul Asif

Personal Blog of

Minhazul Asif

About Minhazul Asif

Minhazul Asif is a highly skilled entrepreneur, web developer, freelancer, and cybersecurity expert. With a strong background in full-stack web development, Minhazul possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in various platforms and frameworks such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more.

As an accomplished instructor, Minhazul has successfully guided and mentored over 10,000 students through both online and offline platforms. With a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge, Minhazul has played a significant role in shaping the skills and capabilities of aspiring web developers and ethical hackers.

Minhazul’s entrepreneurial journey includes founding prominent organizations in the tech industry, such as Codemanbd, Webbattalion, and ZoraIT. These ventures demonstrate Minhazul’s ability to create and manage successful businesses within the digital realm.

With a strong focus on cybersecurity, Minhazul is well-versed in ethical hacking practices. This expertise allows him to understand and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in web applications and systems, ensuring the utmost security for his clients and projects.

With Minhazul Asif’s vast experience and diverse skill set, he continues to contribute to the advancement of web development, cybersecurity, and the success of his ventures.

Minhazul Asif CodemanBD

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Entrepreneur, Instructor, Web Developer, Freelancer & Cyber Sucurity Expert.

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