> Add some page break 

> add page break: personal info 


– name

– Email 


> add page break: company info 


– company name

– job title 

Custom Css Class 





  • Add 2 form fields : “NAME” & “EMAIL”
  • As general – both will show one after another
  • Edit each field > Go Appearance > Custom Css Class:
  • @Name, write: gf_left_half
  • @Email, write: gf_right_half
  • Now you will see : both filed : at a single row/ line



Confirmation message 



  • Go to form > edit > 
  • Settings > confirmation > default confirmation edit >
  • Paste msg that client give you




Admin Notification



  •  this is the admin email that website owner  will get
  •  default wordpress dashboard admin email treated as admin email
  •  you can change “ from email”
  •  change subject
  •  change personal admin email body
  •  by default viewer data that is filledup by viewer go to admin email



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