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How to add and design a gravity form at a page


    • Install & activate essential elementor addons 
    • From wp dashboard > click essential addons 
    • Click: elements > ENABLE ALL > Save Changes 
    • Create a page  edit with elementor > add “EA GRAVITY FORM”
    • Now choose – the gravity form – that you created  
    • ENABLE :  Custom Title & Description : write “preferred title”
    • DISABLE: Title
    • Settings > page layout : elementor full width 
    • Edit EA Gravity Forms > Style 
    • Form container : background color:  + add padding  + form width 
    • Input & Textarea: input box background color + text color + input width + SPACING


  • SUBMIT BUTTON: fill width + background color + text color
  • Error message : text color : RED
  • Radio & Checkbox: Custom Style > increase size + color & checked color
  • Thanks you message – color + font + color




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