know upwork clients
During bidding take care 8 factors quality for a client

1.Client’s payment verified / not 

2Minimum rating of 4.8 

3.Country of clients : should US/UK/AU/CANADA
Skip india/pak/nizeria/chaina/israil

4.Hire rate – must be 70% + otherwise he don’t hire anyone (so whatever is in your cover letter – he never hire

5.Avg hourly rate he paid – must be less them my bid’s hourly rate – otherwise he never hire me 

6.Preferred qualification – lots of red (don’t bid) – as you don’t meet clients requirements 

7.Never bid – if connect required more then 2 

(it doesnot mean more connects- much good jobs)  – so as less as connect required as much as we can bid

8.Try to bid – those where we get questions / answers
(because most of the freelancers will answer – yes/no.

But we have the questions previously – so we will make ready the answers and during bid our answers will be complete – and its easy to get hired)

9.Required skills must match 100% with my skill 

– so that upwork will recommend me 

10.Required skills must match 100% with my skill 

– so that upwork will recommend me 

11.Interview ongoing (good for us)- fast bid

12.Last 3 jobs – see clients review by freelancers

(should 5 star all) – no freelancer want to give bad review if he not suffered by client.

13.During bid – address him with his name – this will make him happy
(you will get the name of client – at previous job review by past freelancer – as he worked with him already

14.During bid – write odd number – like 6.99 or like this

15. Try answering his all line- like you are doing chat with him – line by line (try reply – with reading a line – answer that) – then another line – answer that (best tricks)



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