1. Visit the API Console, at this link: https://console.developers.google.com
  2. Log in with your gmail account.

Hit the project list button & hit “create  new project”

   4)Write a Project name, agree with the terms and then hit            Create.

   5)Hit the Enable API button.

6.Search for Maps Embed API or Google Maps Javascript API and select it

7.Enable it for your current project.

8.Search for Google Maps Geocoding API and select it.

9.Enable it for your current project.

10.After the API’s are enabled, click the Create credentials button.


11.CLICK Credentials in APIs & Services

Restrict API access to only your store

  1. CLICK restrict KEY
  2. Click HTTP referrers & API restrictions > restrict key 
  3. Referrer : codemanbd.com
  4. SELECT API > Geocoding API





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